Seeking Leader for Sourcing and Distribution Company
Date: August 30, 2016
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We are looking for a business leader to head up and grow our Sourcing and Distribution company. This person may be dissatisfied with their current employer or could be an individual simply ready to take a more leadership role that includes business ownership.

Candidate needs to be capable of and excited/motivated to grow Sourcing Company both existing client base and new clients.

Some of the characteristics we are looking for:

  • Energy and Enthusiasm to launch new business
  • Extensive domestic & international sales experience (both B2B & B2C)
  • Client base/relationships in selling space –
    • Strong industry relationships
    • Transferable client base (Maybe a “book of business”)
  • Has a plan for and desires business ownership
  • Experience with strategic planning and execution
  • Expertise in forcasting and budgeting
  • Desires collaborative supportive environment
  • Looking for a new phase in their business career

This is not a standard “C” level job, but an opportunity for a leader to make a life change and take charge of building a company as an owner with financial, operational and leadership support.

What would really set a particular candidate apart from others is if they could bring $500K -$1M of revenues to be added to existing revenues.  Our immediate goal is to get overall revenues up to $2M as quickly as possible.  This person would be in charge of this mission.

Steve Cade

Cade & Company, Encinitas, CA

Cade Company