We carefully select our portfolio companies to focus on B2B distribution and manufacturing businesses that are established, profitable, and have significant upside potential. We conduct extensive due diligence and all of our investments must meet the following criteria:

  • Long held, often family run B2B (typically 20-50 years)
  • Established client base
  • Positive cash flow
  • Facing a challenge that requires a sale, often one of the 4 D’s: Dispute, Death, Disability or Divorce
  • Identification of flaws in strategy execution or poor management by pre-acquisition team
  • Scalable – Long Term Viability
  • Dividend and free cash flow focused to drive moderate investor returns
  • Opportunity to benefit from our value-added expertise and services



We are not just investors; we are hands-on with our portfolio companies and provide them with a number of services and benefits to increase their value and profitability. We can:

  • Help companies avoid the many pitfalls of ownership and provide business-savvy expertise (i.e. cost of money, strategic planning, budgeting, scaling up, product diversification, analysis of market, etc.)
  • Leverage our international supply and distribution relationships
  • Provide access to financial capital, bank financing, and industry credit terms to fuel growth and plan for the future
  • Offer turnaround and sale preparation services for companies, including strategic planning, steps to improve scalability/value of company
  • Connect business owners with proven network of specialists in Finance, Accounting, General Management, International Trade & Logistics, Banking, Marketing, IT, etc.
  • Provide actual business ownership and operating experience rather than just investment experience.



Investing with Cade & Company offers the opportunity to participate in safe, secure businesses and earn long-term sustainable returns.

Safe and Secure

We only invest in established, proven companies that have a solid track record.

Profitable Growth

Our portfolio companies all have the potential for significant growth and long-term sustainable returns for our investors.

Annual Dividend and Profit-Sharing

We expect to return 10% or more to our investors annually.

Passive Ownership

We do all of the due diligence and management of our investment companies while our investors enjoy their consistent returns.


Our investment opportunities are not linked to the stock, bond or real estate markets.

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