Almost to the Top – Seeking Final Investments
Date: February 1, 2018
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I am a business builder and owner. Over the past 37 years I have built and sold parts or all of multiple businesses. Currently I manage or invest in four companies I founded in my portfolio.

Cade Global is one of my most exciting ventures. It is a High End Distribution and Branding company that is set up to successfully capitalize on the expertise, relationships and abilities of the team to negotiate and obtain favorable contracts in the International Trade, Distribution, and Branding spaces.

Deals and Business Characterized by:

 Supply Chain Expertise ~ Sales & Distribution Expertise

Low Capital Expense Moderate/High Margins ~ Low Risk Businesses

High End Brands ~ Low Overhead Premium Customer Service

Fast Growth Industries ~ Rapid Inventory Turns ~ Strong Demand for Products

Current Divisions:





We are weeks away from closing some very big deals that have been put together over the past 18 months. I have full faith that this business will become highly profitable and truly believe it has the potential to grow into a 100 Million Dollar Company.

I am looking for additional investment capital to get us over the mountain of becoming profitable in the next six months. This is an AMAZING opportunity to come in at the take-off stage of a blockbuster business.

If you are interested in more information or know of potential investor(s) I would be grateful for an opportunity to connect and see if we can do business together.

Steve Cade

~ Accredited Investors Only Please~
~ Full PPM Available ~

Cade Company