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Steve Cade founded Cade & Company, LLC in 1996 with the goal of helping business owners and investors build long term value into their companies. With 34 years of experience founding and operating successful companies and organizations, Steve thrives on unique challenges and enjoys sharing the satisfaction of business ownership with his clients.

Specializing in manufacturing and distribution of B2B products, Steve has created and managed companies in a variety of industries, including Fumigation, Lighting, Importing/Exporting, International Food, Property Development, and Recreational Equipment.

He has profitably sold multiple companies and actively invests in bread and butter businesses he wishes to hold and operate into successful ventures.

Cade & Company has grown and evolved from Steve’s love of business ownership and his ability to identify companies that can successfully become or remain cash positive. He enjoys thinking outside of the box and identifying talent to move a company to the next level and beyond.

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Helping Transition Companies Facing Ownership Crisis
Operational Expertise
Operational Expertise

We are not just investors, we get in there and help operate and manage our investments.

Shared Commitment
Shared Commitment

We invest alongside our financial partners so we share in the risks and rewards.

Long-Term Ownership
Long-Term Ownership

We focus on creating long-term value and sustained returns for our investors.

Targeted Investment StrategyTargeted Investment Strategy
Targeted Investment Strategy

We invest in B2B distribution and manufacturing companies that are established, profitable and have strong growth potential.

Value-Added ServicesValue-Added Services
Value-Added Services

We provide expertise and services to our acquired companies, everything from strategic planning to finance to international trade, to increase their value.

Investor BenefitsInvestor Benefits
Investor Benefits

We offer opportunities to invest in conservatively operated companies with investment returns upwards of 10% annually, through both prosperous and difficult economic times.

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