Do You Want A Piece Of The Pie? Investment Opportunities
Date: October 25, 2017
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Local San Diego Entrepreneur Offers Unique




Most investment advisors encourage 10-20% of a high net-worth portfolio to be invested in Private Equity –Are you well diversified in the PE space?

The economy continues to buzz along, and this is opening doors for many of us in our business pursuits.  In the past eleven months about $5 Trillion has been invested into the financial markets and this is an economic push we have not previously seen.  Some keep saying “The wheels are about to fly off” and while that is possible, the real issue is that we are just in the early stages of the dramatic economic impact of wealthy baby-boomers.  Every month more pension and baby-boom wealth is invested into the equity markets, into real estate and into private equity. There is no similar economic cycle to compare this to and that is why many of the economist predictions have been wrong over the past three years.

For me, I am focused on taking advantage of this unusual situation by building companies and investing in those I know can grow and offer solid ROI’s or be managed for high value at sale.



Profitable Projections 2018 and Beyond

Currently we have two strong investment opportunities that have huge upsides.  One offers a must-have service in Southern California and the other is a Branding, Sourcing, and Import/Export company that I have built through years of relationships and international distribution. Both companies are poised for consistent growth and expansion over the next several years.

Investment deck and Executive summary available for both opportunities.

We are actively seeking financial partners who share our commitment to building long-term relationships that will generate steady returns for many years to come.


Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Investor

I have owned, operated, and sold 9 companies in my 34 years’ in business. I offer a unique perspective on how to build and recognize true value in a company. Value that is marketable and quantifiable both as an investment or sale/acquisition opportunity.

I invest side by side with my investment partners and utilize my operational background to ensure our investments grow and stay on track.

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