Million Dollar Curriculum – Coaches & Advisers
Date: September 14, 2017
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OCTOBER 11, 2017

A dynamic program for CEO, Business Owner and Entrepreneurial Coaches to help them make much more money for their clients who are looking to sell their companies in the next several years.

What is this program being offered? 

And what is its purpose?

The program is designed:
  • To establish the value of a business quickly
  • To highlight those areas of business that are reducing it’s value
  • To offer Coaches & Advisers a framework and toolbox used to increase the sale value of a clients business or company
    • Monthly and Quarterly objectives, metrics, goals & actions
  • To fix the areas that will increase the value at sale
  • To bring CEO’s who are focused on selling their business in one room to discuss the problems unique to selling a business
As a coach you may be wondering: Why would I want my clients to be a part of this program? Especially because you are already coaching them and you know what it takes to add value to a business. Here are just a few of the reasons:
  • Focus: we focus on the sale aspect so you can focus on everything a successful entrepreneur is facing
  • Support: we are here to add to what you are already doing, not supplant your efforts
  • Tools: We have designed
    • A successful business valuation assessment tool
    • A curriculum designed to identify and improve value over a short period of time
    • A process that can help get your clients company investor ready
    • The opportunity for your client to present to a Private Equity Panel
Bottom line: we are committed to helping you be more effective as a coach. 
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