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Steve Cade founded Cade & Company, LLC in 1996 with the goal of helping business owners and investors build long term value into their companies. With 34 years of experience founding and operating successful companies and organizations, Steve thrives on unique challenges and enjoys sharing the satisfaction of business ownership with his clients.

Specializing in manufacturing and distribution of B2B products, Steve has created and managed companies in a variety of industries, including Fumigation, Lighting, Importing/Exporting, International Food, Property Development, and Recreational Equipment.

He has profitably sold multiple companies and actively invests in bread and butter businesses he wishes to hold and operate into successful ventures.

Cade & Company has grown and evolved from Steve’s love of business ownership and his ability to identify companies that can successfully become or remain cash positive. He enjoys thinking outside of the box and identifying talent to move a company to the next level and beyond.



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Helping Transition Companies Facing Ownership Crisis
Valuable Business Operations Experience
Valuable Business Operations Experience

Investors often wonder why 90% or more of business start-ups fail. We know the answers to that pivotal question, and we apply that knowledge to the businesses we purchase.Unlike private equity firms that are financial investors, we do not come from the world of finance. We come from the operational side – we have successfully operated and managed a variety of business and bring these skills and expertise to our portfolio companies.

Research-Based Decision Making
Research-Based Decision Making

We conduct extensive due diligence and hand pick our portfolio companies based on a number of key criteria to minimize risk and ensure long-term, sustainable value. We only pick companies where our operational experience can make a real difference.

Partner-Driven Investments
Partner-Driven Investments

We invest right alongside our investors – so we are in this together and have aligned goals and interests. As a result, the businesses that make it into our portfolio have the potential and sustainability to generate income for many years forward for ourselves and our investors.

Strong Financial & Banking Relationships
Strong Financial & Banking Relationships

Bringing a business to profitability takes longer and costs a lot more than entrepreneurs often initially forecast. Most new business owners end up running out of capital. We have “been there and done that” and as a result have built very strong credit relationships. We have established banking relationships and access to the financial capital as well as international trade experience needed to help our investment companies grow to the next level.

Build Sustainable Companies
Build Sustainable Companies

We are not looking for a quick initial “buck”, consulting fees or a “build and sell” company. Our focus is to partner with businesses and people that we can team up with for the long haul; businesses that perform well in both prosperous and difficult economic times. We seek “partners” and not investments because this is a sustainable relationship.

Down to Earth Business Sense
Down to Earth Business Sense

We take an honest, straight-forward, no nonsense approach to running a business. Steve has multiple years in business and while he is financially successful he is down to earth and sincere.

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